9 awesome tips to enhance the life of your smartphone

9 awesome tips to enhance the life of your smartphone

Awesome tips to enhance the life of your smartphone these tips will be enhanced by smartphone life. A smartphone is a device that has been added in the form of a shadow of the new generation. Here are some useful tips for you that can keep your smartphone safe and secure.

awesome tips to enhance the life of your smartphone

using headphones while charging can be dangerousDo You Know using headphones while charging can be dangerous

Recently, in many news reports it was revealed that listening to music by charging headphones in the phone during charging could cause death due to electricity. Actually, many reports of deaths have been reported from 'Smartphone Electrocution' this year.

Do not leave the phone unlockedRemember! Do not leave the phone unlocked

Many things in the smartphone are private. These can include things such as personal photos, banking data etc., so always keep your phone closed through strong passcode or fingerprint.

Avoid charge your smartphone moreAvoid charge your smartphone more

Do not use it to charge your smartphone for a long time. This can cause hyper-heating problems. Remember to always remove the charger after the phone is charging.

Always download apps from official storeAlways download apps from official store not unknown sources

Avoid downloading apps from any unknown source other than the official store. They not only steal your data, but also install viruses or malware to harm your smartphone. These apps are mostly spyware, which track your every activity.

Cheap chargers can damage smartphoneCheap chargers can damage smartphone

It's best to use a charger that comes with a smartphone. If the charger gets damaged or stolen, always replace it with a branded charger. Fake and cheap chargers can cause great trouble.

Risks of having a phone in upper pocketRisks of having a phone in upper pocket

Experts are still arguing over this, but doctors say that any mobile transmitting device should be kept in chest pocket. It can cause health problems.

Facts about not to sleep with nearby smartphonesFacts about not to sleep with nearby smartphones

Do not pass your smartphone while sleeping. In particular, do not put everything under pillows. Not only is it dangerous, but there is also a medical debate that the signals from the mobile device can have a bad effect on sleep.

Do not charge smartphone inside its caseDo not charge smartphone inside its case

This thing is not always possible, but doing so is good for the health of your smartphone. However, when the temperature is high, the matter should be removed as it makes the phone even more hot.

Keep away smartphones from direct sunlightKeep away smartphones from direct sunlight

Avoid keeping the smartphone directly in the sunlight. When it is charging, it should not be done at all. In addition, you should avoid placing hot places like a car dashboard. This can increase the heating problem. Typically, the temperature of zero to 45 degree centigrade is ideal for charging.

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