America deporting foreign nationals Expectations vs. Reality

USA new law deporting foreign nationals will impact Indian citizen?

US President Trump says illegal immigrants should be deported very soon from the country. America will start extracting some foreign nationals from Monday this may be this week's Top Story about deporting Foreign Nationals from US.

America deporting foreign nationals Expectations vs. Reality

As per new law of US the process of deporting of  foreign nationals from the country, which has lost the legal right to live in the United States, will be implemented from Monday. People who are having legal rights to stay in the United States have expired for any reasons for the change in the visa application deadline or situation. However, a U.S. federal agency related to H-1B visa holders said that this policy will not apply to humanitarian applications and petitions, and in the case of employment, the visa period will not apply to the application of extension in the US.

A new law is going to come into implement in the US since October. According to the new law, applications for those who have not been able to get visa duration can be rejected. There is a good number of people of Indian origin in the US and the effect of this law on those people. Increasing visas or expansion of American Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is the responsibility of migrant affairs. He said that he will take further steps to introduce new legislation from October 1.

This one time infusion of assistance will help the government to detect irregular migrant flows, which will help keep illegal immigrants from entering into the United States the notification said. A State Department spokesperson said this new effort to reduce the number of immigrants from the country. The American Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) said that they will send an Inquiry Notice to applicants affecting the situation because they have to give appropriate information to the applications whose applications have been rejected under the law.

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