Awesome life tricks for the iPhone

Awesome life tricks for the iPhone

What we are going to be bringing you guys in this blog, basically we are going to be showing you guys some awesome life hacks for the iPhone.

Awesome life tricks for the iPhone

It's just going to make your life a lot easier! There's a way you can get some secret buttons on there.

There's a way to charge it a little bit faster! Just a lot of little things that you may or may have not known.
So the majority of the things to be showing can pretty much work on any iPhone going to be going for a MASSIVE like goal on this article!

So one really useful tip on how to charge your iPhone faster a lot of people don't know this. What it is, is if you guys had an iPad, you actually know that the cube that you charge it in there's a cube that you get with your iPhone and it's pretty small but when you get an iPad, the cube that you put in the outlet is actually a lot bigger and you can easily see the difference between the two of them.

Charge your iPhone faster

If you do have that, it charges a ton quicker.  it charges about probably 20-25% faster. And of course some other ways to charge your iPhone faster really not the most significant thing. A lot of people, y'know, know about it, pretty much you just wanna close all your background apps. So that just goes for like this, and then swiping up on them. You just go like this, swipe up, and you're pretty much good to go.

And also lowering your brightness, turning WiFi off, turn airplane mode on  If you do take all those tips, put them all together, you should charge your iPhone about 35% faster. Now another super cool one that you want go ahead and try out Is if you have a photo on your camera roll, pretty much, on your phone You're like, okay, don't want people to see this, but I still wanna keep it What do to do with the photo?

What you want go ahead and do is go over to your camera roll And you're gonna select a random photo that you have Now once you know the photo that you wanna go ahead and hide, You wanna go ahead and tap on this and then once you're there You wanna go over to the share button, as you can see just that button I'm sure most of you guys know what I clicked on but it's really hard doing this Scroll over just a tad, and there should be a thing that says 'hide' And let's get this focused here But you wanna click on the hide, it'll go up an option saying 'do you want to hide the photo?' And pretty much just click on 'hide photo'

Did you like the most did you know about some of them ?

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