Firefox bug crashes Windows, Mac and Linux ? Find Everything you need to know.

Firefox bug crashes Windows, Mac and Linux ? Find Everything you need to know.

Firefox bug crashes Windows, Mac and Linux  and going on especially for applications created for desktop platforms. Saberi Haydou is one of the famous person to unveil some bugs, he is a researcher in a software engineering and an encrypted instant messaging app wires.

A few weeks ago, he searched for a new web code exploitation that could crash the iPhone, and now, he unveiled a new bug on the Firefox browser, which crashed desktop operating system (Mac, Linux and Windows) according to ZDNET report Does.

On the Mac and Linux platform, the new bug browser causes the classic crash reporter to show popup. For the Windows platform, the bug is a different story and is a bit worse, causing the bug to crash the browser, and for the worst case scenario, it freezes the entire operating system, which compels users to reboot hard Does.

The bug is working with different versions of Firefox browser, but versions of mobile platforms like Android and iOS appear to be safe from bugs. According to a test conducted by ZDNET, it was confirmed that Firefox and Android are not affected on Android and iOS.

Hadouch told how exploitation works on the Firefox browser. "What happens is that the script generates a file (a blob) that contains a very long filename and prompts the user to download every single millisecond. In an interview with ZDNet, he said, therefore, The IPC (inter-process communication) channel flows between Firefox's child and the main process, making the browser at least freeze. "

On Friday, September 21, a new Firefox 62.0.2 was released from Mozilla, a new Firefox version that includes 13 bug fixes, one of these fixes is a security problem related to SSL which is only moderate in terms of severity, And now a new bug came again. This is the reason that Hadawe has reported a bug to Mozilla employees yesterday and they are currently working on it.

We would expect some updates about this bug and our current steps of working with them. Be sure to update to technocode because we will bring you the latest updates about this dangerous case.

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