How to charge phone with closed laptop

Charge mobile with closed computers or laptops? 

Ever you think about that Charge mobile with closed computers or laptops? Today mobile is an essential instrument for everyone's life. We always worry about discharging of mobile battery.

Charge mobile with closed computers or laptops?

Do you know that you can also charge mobile with closed computers or laptops? Many of you are not aware about this. Many times the battery of the phone is over but the laptop is charged but there is nothing to keep the laptop without working. So now we will tell you how to charge a mobile from a closed laptop.

You need to do some setting related changes in you laptop or computer, so that same can charge your mobile phone without start it.

Go to 'My Computer' on your computer or laptop

Go to 'My Computer' on your computer or laptop. Now go to File Manager. Now click on the tick or 'Properties' that appears in the top left corner. Please see this picture for help. Click Options. See the picture below for help.

Now click on 'Device Manager'

Now click on 'Device Manager' in the control window. If you have trouble understanding then check out this picture.

Universal Serial Bus Controller'

When you click on Device Manager, a window with Device Manager will open in front of you. Under this you will see a lot of options. Click on the 'Universal Serial Bus Controller' visible in it.

USB root hub

Now you will also see a lot of options in the open front window. Of these, you have to click on the 'USB root hub' option.

Now you will open a new window which will open a box with the properties of 'USB root hub'. In this you will have to click on the 'Power Management' visible at the end.

Allow computer to close

Then the option to 'Allow computer to close' will be available first, and click OK. Even when the laptop or computer is switched off, you can charge mobile easily through mobile USB cable.

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