How to download whatsapp status video Easy method | without any app

How to download whatsapp status video without any app | Easy method

Hello friends, Welcome to Perfect Mantras blog, today's topic is "How to save whatsapp video status without any app".

How to download whatsapp status video without any app | Easy method
As we know that whatsapps latest update enables us to see photos and videos of status till now,we have only saved photos by screenshots,but we had no idea on how to save Whatsapp status videos. in this article, we will see how to save statuses without any apps.

To save a whatsapp status many people get confused with fake apps. Here we will provide you how to save whatsapp status video with a simple settings when we view a status the video will be stored as temporarily in a file manager whatsapp has done this to maintain privacy but its saves the status in the hidden files.

Hidden Whatsapp Status folder is in your phone! Whenever you click on any of your friend's Whatsapp Story, that Story Automatically stays in your phone's listening folder. Will be downloaded in To avoid the problem of copyright, Whatsapp status is not saved in the gallery. That's why the status folder is hidden in the phone. Others need to unhide the folder to copy the Whatsapp app or video. You will not need to reboot your Android Marshmallow device or jailbreak the iOS device. Using this method, you can download Whatsapp Status Status / Photos in Gallery.

How to save Whatsapp status video without any app
Open whatsapp and click on a video status posted by a friend, next go on to the file manager ,click on more option and click on show hidden files icon type status in the search area a file called statuses opens, it will show the statuses put by your friends  and if you click on the status, it opens as a video file if you want to save the file, click on the video and go to more option and just copy or move to any folder in your device.

Whatsapp status videoYou can create a folder with custom name and move the whatsapp status into this folder. Whatsapp status video download apps are also present
'Story Saver for Whatsapp' by installing this app you can eaisly download others whatsapp status. These apps are not launched by Whatsapp. It is very easy to use them. The most popular app in such apps is 'Story Saver for Whatsapp'. This app is available free on the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded it to your smartphone app, you will find that this app is automatically connected to your Whatsapp account. For this you have to click on 'Recent Stories'. After that you have to click on the story that you want to download. After that click on 'download' on the right corner above the app. Keep in mind that before downloading the video, you must ask the person once, otherwise it may issue a copy rights act.

Hope you will find this information useful, If you have any question or query tell us in the comment section below, we will sure answer your questions.

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