How to identify fake Facebook accounts in five simple steps

Identifying fake Facebook accounts it works in few seconds

Facebook is the world's largest social media site. Most of you will also be running Facebook and many people like you will also be on Facebook. The day you send a friend request to someone or send someone, but do you know that the person you are sending friend requests is a real profile or a fake or the friend request you received is fake. Let's now tell you some ways to recognize fake accounts on Facebook.

Identifying fake Facebook accounts it works in few seconds

Below are the best 5 ways to find out a fake Facebook account.

Mobile number not linked

Most fake Facebook accounts have profile pictures, as well as a registered mobile number, but you also know that a girl will rarely share her mobile number on Facebook. so be alert if mobile is number is not associated with the same account. it may be more possibility that accout is fake.

Date of birth is January 1

It has been stated in several reports that most birthdays in fake Facebook accounts are January 1.  If you have received a friend request in which the date of birth is January 1, then you should be careful this account can be fake.

Profile photo

First of all see the profile photo of any Facebook account. If you are in doubt, get help with the reverse image search feature. For this, go to on your phone or computer and click on camera option to upload that profile photo, and then search. If you see that picture on the 18+ site in search, then understand that the Facebook account is fake.

Girl's picture

Another way to identify fake Facebook accounts is the timeline. Most fake accounts, however, are on the names of girls, but all accounts are not fake on the names of girls. If you are seeing celebrities, pictures of God or Girls on the timeline of any Facebook profile, you have to be careful and you should seek the help of reverse image to identify it.

Account activity

Usually a page is not preferred by a fake account. In this case, you go to profile profile and check which page has been linked from that account. If a page is not linked to the account where you get friend request then this is a fake account.

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