Unlink/Remove Aadhaar From Bank and other service

Everything You Need to Know About delete Aadhaar From Bank and other service.

This article can help you answer your questions about delete/unlink Aadhaar From Bank, mobile and another apps.  Today's hot topic is how to delete/unlink Aadhaar From Bank And Mobile, after Supreme court order. today people wants to know how they can remove/unlink Adhaar from bank accounts, mobile and other places, find the best and easy way for deactivate Aadhaar card from bank account.

The Supreme Court told on Wednesday based on its verdict. In the verdict, the court has abolished Adhaar as a mandatory requirement of bank account, mobile phone and school admission. The court considered the world's largest biometric scheme as constitutionally valid.

Adhaar is not mandatory for your small account or any other mobile wallet. People want to know if they already shared thier Adhaar details, then how should it be a unlink? If you want to de-link your Adhaar from the bank, you can also talk to customer care center of respective institution.

How to create a base unlink from the Paytm?

First step you need to follow is call your bank  Customer Care.
Ask them that you want to unlink your Adhaar. Then they need to email you de-link for Adhaar.
In response, you need to scan the base card. So that they can ensure your identity.
After this, you will receive the final unlink final email within 72 hours.

How to unlink Adhaar from Bank Account

To unlink your Adhaar from Bank Account
First go to your bank branch.
At the bank, you need to fill the Adhaar unlinking form and submit it.
After 48 hours of submitting the form your Adhaar will be unlinked.

Unlinking of Aadhaar from Mobile Service Provider

Till now Mobile service providers are not giving the option of de-linking the Adhaar. Maybe they will be able to unlink in the next few weeks after Supreme court order.

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