UTS Mobile app local train ticket booking simple steps

How to book local train ticket by UTS Mobile app

local train ticket booking app called UTS mobile app is launched by Indian Railway, Now passengers will not have trouble in booking the unreserved tickets of the railway. Now you can book the local unreserved train ticket via UTS App.

Earlier unreserved ticket was booked by ticket counter only. Railways have taken this step to promote unreserved loacal train tickets. Here we are telling you about how to use the UTS app.
User / Passenger is allowed to cancel the booked book tickets using UTS mobile application.
Ticket cancellation is allowed only through the mobile app if the ticket is not printed on the kiosk. Once, the ticket is printed on the kiosk, then cancellation of UTS counter within an hour after the printout is allowed.

How to book tickets in UTS app simple steps

Install and Register UTS app with following steps

You must download UTS app from the Play Store before booking tickets.

  • You need to register your mobile number for un-reserved railway ticket booking. 
  • After successful registration in UTS app, the user will receive an SMS with his login ID and password. 
  • After successful registration, a wallet will be made with zero dues which will be called Railway-Wallet.
  • Recharge this railway wallet to book railway UTS ticket from your registered mobile phone.
  • Recharge your railway-wallet using this website. Please log in to the website as a M-PIN in the form of Login_ID and password using the mobile number. 
  • Recharge your railway-wallet in the website using the Wallet Recharge option.
  • This is a one time activity and after successful registration, you will get the password of your mobile application as well as a MP4 4 digit number as a UTS mobile website.
  • Un-reserved mobile ticketing app "UTS" is available only for Android and Windows Mobile phones.

How to book tickets in UTS app simple steps

To book tickets, you have to stay within 2 km of the station, but stay at least 30 meters away from the track.When booking tickets, your mobile's internet and GPS should be turned on.
After you log in to UTS application, select the city, select the route and select the destination.
After completing the procedure, make a payment with R-Wallet. You will get tickets on mobile.

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