Whatsapp payment feature, How to send and receive money

Whatsapp payment feature, How to send and receive money

Whatsapp payment service launched send instant money to friends. Due to the lack of communication among the key stakeholders, the entire rollout of WhatsApp payment in India has been stuck in a lemon. Indian National Payment Corporation (NPCI), which runs the Unified Payment Interface on which the WhatsApp Payment has been made, did not respond to specific questions raised by the Ministry of Information Technology earlier this month.

Whatsapp payment feature, How to send and receive money

Concerned by the Ministry, whether or not the new UPA-based service is in line with RBI's safety and privacy regulations. NPCI has not disclosed it when it can give approval for the formal launch of Whatsapp payment service. Apart from this, there is a lack of clarity on whether or not whatsapp payment is fully compliant with RBI rules.

Whatsapp payment rollout has started with India, which means that the company is thinking of ending the dominance of apps like PetyM, Google Tez, and other digital wallet apps that have been around for a long time. With more than 200 million monthly active users in India, WhatsApp should not have any problem bringing its large user base to the taste of the payment facility. Facebook's move to bring paid facility in India on WhatsApp first is clearly a way to cash in on digital payments in the early days. The WhatsApp Payment feature was selected as a beta feature with select users but now more users have started getting the convenience.

So finally there is a WhatsApp payment facility launched. If your app is not showing this feature right now, then we can tell you an easy way through which you can set up the Whatsapp payment feature.

Currently, WhatsApp has activated Payments UPI only for those who enrolled for its beta testing program. For those who didn’t and still require to have it enabled for their smartphone, there is a different approach.
It works on invite system.

You need to follow simple steps. 

  • Update the Whatsapp app from your store (Android or iOS)
  • Find the  Payment tab in Settings, 
  • if not found then it's OK. 
  • You need to request an invite from any friend. 
  • Ask them to select your contact and press the 'Pay' button. 
  • You will get the icon immediately Now, go to settings and tap on payment, 
  • Click Accept Terms on the Add Bank Account 
  • Now send an authorization SMS and select the bank associated with the mobile number from the list of available banks.
  • Now select the contact, tap on 'Payments', 
  • enter the amount and finally authorize this with a PIN. 

All set here you are ready for transfer money by the app.

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