Who watching your Whatsapp profile photo

Who secretly watching your Whatsapp profile photo, check with this trick in a seconds

Now these days WhatsApp has become the largest part of everyone's life. Everyone has a question about to know if someone checked your whatsapp profile. There are lots of people who are not able to live without a Whatsapp even for a moment. At Whatsapp, we talk to our friends in a variety of ways, and in the meantime, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends become angry sometimes. Some friends become so annoyed that they do not talk but secretly view your Whatsapp profile photo. Now, in such a situation, we do not know who is watching our Whatsapp profile photo. So let's we want to share a simple trick with  you today, with the help of which you will know who are watching your profile photo secretly in Whatsapp.

Who watching your Whatsapp profile photo

To find out who sees your WhatsApp profile photo, you need to download a small Android app. First of all, download an app called WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me in your Android smartphone from Google Play Store.

To download this app, you also have to download 1mobile market as well. Without this app, WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me will not be downloaded, however 1 mobile market app will be automatically downloaded.

After installing the app in your mobile phone in WhatsApp-Who's Viewed Me, you will have to wait a few seconds, till then this app will remove the list of people who see your Whatsapp profile photo, but do not tell you.

After this you will be given the mobile number and names of those friends who see your profile photo, although in this list you will find the names of those people who have seen your profile photo in the last 24 hours. First installed app will see the contact list of whatsapp. Then, it will list all the people whose profile photo you have seen.

Explain that this trick works only on Android smartphones and requires an internet connection. In addition to WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me, you can download Whats Tracker too. It will also tell you who have seen your profile photo in the last 24 hours.

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