Hello Friends, This article is about how to become a Blogger and get paid. You are looking many articles on the web where people are making a lot of money by blogging on blogger. Sometimes these blog article generate  thousands of dollars a day. Of course, this is rare, but there are many people who are generating a good amount of money from their blog. I will describe you today how you can create a blog that generates income. You need to do some basic research on blogging. Once you get some information about blogs and how people are earning from blogging.

how to become a Blogger and get paid

This article will break down how to get started with your blogging platform. But first it provide info that you need to pick a niche. How do you know what to blog about? Well, you can start writing based on your passion. If you're serious about something, you should probably write something that just makes money. If you don't love what you're going to start, you can quite after sometime. So blog about something you love. You have to be passionate about it.

Reasons why you should become a Blogger and get paid

If this article you can learn start with your blogging platform. But first of all, it provides information that you need to choose a subject. How do you know that what subject you choose for your blog? Well, one should be based on your passion. If you are really passionate about something, then you should probably consider blogging about that just makes money. If you do not love whatever you are going to do, then you are finally going to leave. So blog about what you love. You should be passionate about it.

create a free blog and get paid

Now explore some of the famous blogger website, you will find their website is break how big the industry has enough market size. Now you choose any topic and decide that i am passionate about this topic like clothing or fashion and I know enough people are searching for it, so now I can make a blog about it.

Now its time for some technical discussion what are the basic steps you need to follow to build a website for blogging. First you need a hosting where you can register your domain name and host your website required files. When you sign up for a hosting account. Whatever you want, you can use the bluehost, hostgator, Godaddy.

Once it's up and running, you can choose some famous blogging site like blogger.com and wordpress.com, these site will provide excellent features and themes to write articles in a better way, you can easily start writing your articles by creating account to these website.

Small but important things to observe before Become a Blogger

Once you start writing articles on your topics, you need to know a few things. The first is that if your content is not attractive, people are not going to read it. Great. Ask people, survey them, just talk to your buddies, friends, people that you know, be like would you like to read this article about men's fashion and how you can match colors?

Think about it I am writing this article, and i i am not reading this with interest, then do not write it. Other people also not show interest on your article, then you have the will to read it and others want to read it. Ask people, survey them, just talk to your friends, people who you like, you can read this article about men's fashion and how can you match colors?

Well, it sounds great, then write it down. Now you have got your topic then you need to know a few steps. The first is your title. Your title should be attractive now that you've got your title, tell me what your post will be about, write introductions, you write body, and then draw conclusions. The article body includes has subtitles, so just write your introduction, write conclusions, add it to your subtitles, and then fill the rest.

how to become a Blogger and get paid

By following these step you can start with writing your first blog post. When you are write your first blog post article, then each paragraph can not be more than five or six rows. If it is going to be with five or more lines, it will be very tremendous for the people. No one wants to read 10 paragraph lines. This is too much. Also, you can use those words within your blog posts. This way it's like a conversation. People will follow, engage with you, and then they will leave comments. Why? Because your content is busy. You can start ask questions at the end of your conclusion, which will help in creating more connections because more people will be able to leave comments.

Innovative approaches and people interest required

And when they leave a comment, answer them. Do not be a stick. People can asked you a question individually, you will answer them. Do the same with your blog. Once you post your article, you definitely want to link back to those key points to the people of your blog post that you want to create or any other similar blog you think That will benefit your readers. Once you know how to become a Blogger, you want to start doing it on a consistent basis. Try to publish at least one post in the week, but ideally you should blogging three times a week.

After six months or a year, you will prepare a large audience of readers. Once you create the basis of readers, you can use the tools called subscriber.com and hellobar.com. They are free Hello Bar provides email subscriptions where a person can subscribe to his blog by entering his email and become notified every time you issue a new blog post. Subscribers tell people that they are browsing on their computer in the browser, hey, you've got a new blog post, and they should go back to your site. So people will start coming back to your site. Then from there you can monetize in some ways. One you can put Google Adsense It's a quick way to make money from Google, in which every time someone clicks on one of your ads, they'll pay you.

During one month and six months, you will have a large audience of readers. Once you increase your blog readers, people will start explore your site. Then you can monetize in some ways. One you can put Google Adsense It's a quick way to make money from Google, in which every time someone clicks on one of your ads, they'll pay you.


Guys every individual who has some passion on any topic can start blogging, i hope this article provide you info about how to become a Blogger and get paid in simple way. If you have any doubts about this article or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments in below comment section. we will get a chance to learn something and improve from your valuable comments. If you have enjoyed this post, or if you have learned something new from it, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and more.

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