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Hello Friends. Today I'm going to talk over the top superfoods that can support skin aging prevention.  If you want to look younger, feel younger, if you want to keep healthy skin, thick skin, hair, and nails, then again I am going to provide some details about the top foods and herbs. They're going to help you do just that. And I will tell you that I see a lot of people who grow up quickly from age. Now a lot of that's emotional stress.  Some of these are due to not getting the right type of food in your diet.  Have you ever seen anybody who was in their 60s but you could swear they were 20 years younger and vice versa someone who is in their 40s that looks 60?

skin aging prevention

There are reasons for that. There are such toxicities in it, what to do with the things you are eating on a daily basis.  And hey, help me spread the word. In today's article, I'm going to be talking about how to use food as medicine for anti-aging. Take a second right now.  Help me spread the word on the way to use food as a medicine. Okay, I'm going to dive right and start talking about these top food items for skin aging prevention.

Figs helps in skin aging prevention.

Figs are incredible. And figs in Greece and in Israel were known to be an anti-aging food. Now fig, especially, you can see this red color there. Those are flavonoids and different types of antioxidants. And the largest amount of antioxidants found in Fig is actually on the skin, right? In the skin area, figs are incredible to their health. Even in those small seeds, you will see omega-3 fats filled with fat. But the biggest benefit of fig is that they contain a proteolytic enzyme called fisin.  And fisin actually reduces inflammation in the whole body and supports anti-aging.

Salmon reduce skin aging

Here is number two, wild caught salmon. Salmon is filled with fat-soluble antioxidants which helps in protecting the body from aging. In fact, the antioxidants found in salmon, you will see if you feel bright like this is a bright red-orange color in sockeye, salmon or king salmon, those antioxidants are called osteopathy. They are actually really strong, which are called carotenoids. So they are fat-soluble antioxidants that help in aging especially in the body.

And remember this, you need both soluble antioxidant and fat soluble. You know that something like Vitamin C or Flavonoids found in a water-soluble antioxidant fruit will be something. Fat-soluble antioxidant things like astaxanthin are going to occur, turmeric oils are going to be large or terms, or in many essential oils, they are going to be more of fat-soluble antioxidants, such as cinnamon is another good example.

Skin aging prevention by Berries

My favorite is Blueberry. I will also throw raspberry there. Raspberry contains olive acid which is actually shown to fight skin cancer and helps your body look younger. And blueberries contain bioflavonoids andresver-stroke. The same antioxidants found in grapes are also found in the blueberry skin. Blueberries are one of the super superfoods because remember that if you want to slow aging, then you need more collagen, you need more antioxidants, you need to reduce swelling, you need more stem cells is required. Your body needs some important factors in aging. Berries, one of the antioxidant kings in the case of a composite fruit. And let me mention it, wild and organic blueberries are three times as traditional antioxidant traditional blueberries. Then, when you are buying blueberries or buying fruits, organic going is definitely worth its price, because in some circumstances the number of antioxidants is three times. Then berries but especially after the blueberry-raspberry. Blackberry is actually really great even in terms of their antioxidant content. They can actually slow down the aging process. You know one of those recipes that I like to do every morning, I will tell you in the morning for whatever breakfast I am doing. I had a cup blueberry. I had a scoop of bone broth powder protein kept in a smooth. I put it in a scoop of collagen too. I took a little bit of coconut milk, some cinnamon but I was getting all these things in a smooth. Then the berries are great.

Turmeric help you get better at skin aging prevention

And turmeric actually contains two compounds, curcumin, and turmerone. And curcumin helps to reduce inflammation in the body. So this is a big advantage of turmeric. Did you know that turmeric is essential oil or? Turmeric is both in it but you can buy turmeric essential oil, which actually contains a compound called marine, which is in the form of turmeric, and it will increase the stem cells in the body and actually protect your body. Has been shown for. So while curcumin is actually a strong anti-inflammatory, it also fights with cancer - it is curcumin. Tamron tissue helps in the production of your own stem cells with rebirth and with your body - incredible. Then when you are using turmeric powder then you are getting the best in both worlds. In addition, turmeric oil is going to be more turmeric, but normally add turmeric to a burger meat, add it to the taco mixture, add it to some hams. Get more turmeric in your diet. You can also get it in supplementary form, but again due to turmeric, curcumin, and turmerone, one of the most anti-aging foods

Avocados miracle of skin aging prevention. 

Skin aging prevention by BerriesWhat I liked about avocados is to remember again, if you want to slow down, then you need to hydrate your skin, you need to get more fat, you need more antioxidants You need more collagen, and you need to produce more of your body. There are things whose body needs a slow age. A big source of healthy fat is Avocados. A great source of minerals such as magnesium and potassium too. Magnesium and potassium actually help your body in your fluid ratio. Most of us today receive very high sodium in our diet. When you get too much sodium, which causes your body to take extra fluid that can contain the right amount of fluid in your cells, it can also be swelling vs. it actually looks lean and you The skin causes tighter and tone. Avocados help with muscle tone due to its high levels of potassium and magnesium, absolutely help. So one day will keep an avocado skin specialist away. Remember that, right? So avocados, great for your skin, is good for your cellular health. Actually one of the greatest anti-aging foods.

Now I know, I am getting comments and some of you are amazing, but I am telling you, this is the exact same fatty acid ratio in your body, in your skin that you are going to get something from Of those animals. And so people are the top anti-aging foods.


I encourage you to take this list, write it now or type it, focus on getting these foods in your diet. You know that the first thing you change is the convenience of your breakfast. So I get it for breakfast. The one which I recommend is a scoop of bone broth powder of a protein bone powder, maybe a scoop of MACA, a cup of berries, and you can make a little collagen protein there too. But start making this treatment smooth for lunch. Start making salads and salmon with a great support. Find some herbs like turmeric in your diet. Make Chag or Rishi Tea for breakfast. Apply these things to your diet this week. I know that this is going to help you to be healthy and to see and feel younger. And if you want to know more about these principles of anti-aging,

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