What is blogging | How to write better blog posts

Friends! Today's article topic is "What is blogging and how to write a blog post in blogger from scratch" This post is for every blogger how to want to write a better blog post, who can not think of a post or blog. Today I will tell you about some blogging techniques and content writing and promotion tips that can help you increase the traffic of your blog.

What is blogging

What is blogging

What is Blogging actually by definition is quite simple a blog is just a website that is updated periodically, so if we go back late in the nineties there were a lot of websites for what we call static websites, we create a website you would have the information that would be it.
It's very rare to tell us how to write articles and blog posts for our website and blog and from where we get the article, friends I will tell you in such a post today. With whom you can write a great article on any topic.

The most important skill for any bloggers is writing content or blog-post writing. For this, bloggers have to do research in topics, keywords, images, links, all the features, and to put them in front of their visitors in the most simple way. Before writing a blog post on any topic, it's about planning a plan, strategy. The topic on which you want to write content is worth visiting for a visitor. If you look at that content as a visitor, then how beneficial it is to you. If you find it beneficial, then use these content writing strategies. But when we start blogging, we do not know how to write an article and where to find the word for the article. Writing a great article for your website and blog!

If you are writing content maybe you are aware that Google brings the same blog post to the top in the search engine, whose content is unique as well as long, but when we start blogging, we do not know how we will get the article To write and to put words to write in that article.

Consider below step for writing a better blog post on Blogger:

Heading, Links & Body Content

Heading, Links & Body Content:

Keeping in mind when writing a blog-post, and blog-post should have a maximum of 1 <h1> title. It is good to write the main content in the big paragraph, it is written in 4-5 sentences in a small paragraph.

Write at least 500 words to the post and use the maximum 2% keyword and do not keep all the keywords in the same paragraph.
Use the main keyword in the paragraph before the blog-post and try that the keyword is within 160 words. Bold searchable keyword, and add post steps and points together. Use hyperlink with good anchor text in the post

Keyword Research & Placement:

After choosing a topic for writing content, it is very important to research related keywords related to that topic.

Image & caption:

Apply a customized image to each article, and note that the alt tag starts with the related keyword and same word you can add for its title display under title tag.

How to Promote Blog-Post

How to Promote Blog-Post:

Posts or article cant rank on search engines because of not good content and ideas. At this time, paying attention to the blog post is more than focusing on your promotion by creating the appropriate content.
After sharing on Facebook Timeline and Google Plus, most people write blog posts, they keep it on the way. Although nothing is going to happen, the blog-post should not be given daily to give daily time and it will be encouraged by following these suggestions.

After publishing a blog-post, you can share it with all groups of Facebook using the # tag keyword, which is also related to that topic, and pay attention to Facebook, do not use the share post button, not Copy the link Only sharing this will block your ID.


Guys blogging is an art and if you understand above information and you write your blog article with considering these tips, I hope your doubt may be clear regarding What is blogging and How to write better blog posts. If you implement the above tips surely you will get better results in upcoming days. If you have any doubts about this article or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments in below comment section. we will get a chance to learn something and improve from your valuable comments. If you have enjoyed this post, or if you have learned something new from it, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and more.

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