SEO: A Beginner's Guide to Rank Your Blog

SEO On The Blog - A Beginner's Guide To You

You may have heard about the following phrases:
To succeed with your website or minisite, you need to work with SEO - your blog needs to be posted or well on Google though, sometimes you are lost and without knowing how to do it Can get it.
Explaining the technical terms, SEO means (Search Engine Optimization). In other words, it is a group of actions and strategies that aim to improve the performance and traffic of your site in a biological way, which is the result of search like Google and Youtube ... doing seo work on your blog One of the most important things in digital marketing, however, its technique is still very little known, it is not everyone who practices SEO on your site, people are still many.

SEO On The Blog - A Beginner's Guide To You

A great search

For example, Google's own feedback pages are divided into two parts, results and organic results.
On paid pages, ads are those which appear at the top of the page and at the bottom right of the page.
As you've already seen, always a link to some company is marked "Ads" because you pay to stay on the first link listed in Google search engine.
And in organic pages, when you search for something, the search engine will give you a list of many results, and it is in this part that SEO comes into play and it all makes a difference.

You do not need to pay to be the first link between the results, just your site is relevant, that you will be at the top of the page without paying anything.
Continue reading and see some more tips. What you will find in this article. Why is the relevance of your site important?

How do SEO? An article requires more than 2,000 words?

Why is the relevance of your site important?

Why this is so, while it's a great way to get systematic for your business, the web competition is huge, and it makes it difficult to rank pages in search results, so we rank them sites through their relevance To create algorithms. As previously mentioned, SEO is a set of techniques that allows your pages to appear first in Google organic results when appropriately implemented in a website. One of SEO's techniques is the use of keywords, it is one of the most important factors for ranking your pages in any search engine, but primarily on Google.
You need to choose the right keywords, explaining better, this is the word that a person types to search for a page. Let us cite an example, a person who wants to buy a sneaker to walk, he will research who is the best sneaker to walk, and find more relevant sites related to the words searched through the keyword

Therefore, search keywords already because it is very important for you to reach your target audience well.

Columns of SEO

There are three pillars in the relevance of a website, they have website reputation: it is a technical part of the site in conjunction with search engines, such as the stability of your hosting provider and so on Authorization: The relevance here is your site and its content. Popularity: In the popularity, the number of quality links to your site is counted, of course, they need to be obtained in one context, that is, point to the same subject of the site.

Google can see when your blog is relevant to your audience
How do SEO? Okay, there are several ways to insert a website on Google's first page. Besides, if you keep what you really will, it is a set of strategies.
Increase your site's rights. In addition to choosing the keywords you use to rank your blog or website, you must keep in mind that the structure of the site also matters, as well as the content updates as well as your pages. A quality blog focused on SEO is that which meets all your readers' needs, page load time, quality content, if you remove all your doubts between all other things.


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