Facts About Facebook App Will Pay Money That Will Blow Your Mind.

Facebook has released a Research App study under which if the user allows tracking his phone, then Facebook will pay him money, in short Facebook will give you a chance to earn in dollars

About Facebook App Will Pay Money

The social media website, Paesbach, has made an announcement to remain in the competition. The company has released a Research App study under which if the user allows tracking his phone, then Facebook will pay him money. By tracking user's phone, the app will find out how much time users are spending on the app. The company has made it clear that this app can only download a person 18 years of age or more.

Study By Facebook: This is the name of an app. You have to install the user in your phone. After this the user will have to give permission to track the phone. From this, the company will collect the information used by the user, the time spent on a particular app, country, device and network type. The company has claimed that such an app reveals the user's choice and they provide better service to them.

Data access information: The company has said that they will be given the information to all users under this program. Additionally, Facebook said that all the information of any user who joins this program will be safe. At the same time, the company has also said that they will use the least data of the user. No data will be collected from the contents of the app.

Learn how much money will be received by the users: At present, no information has been given about how much money the company will make to the program. But the company had earlier started such a program for which the company paid users $20 per month.

In which countries the program will be organized: In the initial phase this program will be started in the US and India. The company says that social media platforms will be used to promote this program. If any user wants to join this program then they will have to sign up after seeing the ed. After checking the user's merit, Facebook will send invitations to download this app.



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