5 answers About How To Fight With Depression You Should follow Truthfully

Your mental Health Matters to fight with depression.

Many people ask ‍How to fight with depression? First you need to ask question with your own - Do you feel depressed, anxious, worried about relationship issues or suicidal? Do you have a question related to your own or someone else's mental health?

There are many things out there which can cause depression like, losing your job, lose somebody who you loved very much, or lack of money etc,

How to fight with depression

let’s talk about solutions Ways to overcome depression.

1. Nutrients deficiency- nutrients deficiency can lead us to chronic depression. Lower level of omega- 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc etc are all linked to lower levels of brain function so, make sure you eat healthy food which contains nutrients in heavy quantity.

2. Exercise- it is the most important thing in both stress and depression because both of the situation’s are related with brain and exercise also works on are brain and physical strength, in a study it is found that people who works in mills, Labour, etc. Has reduces their depression level to nearly 50%,can you imagine that because in these type of works you need strength to do this type of work, so make sure you do regular exercise.

3. Don’t smoke and drink- well These two are very bad for anyone whether you are suffering from disease or not, but in depression drinking and drug use can affect your brain chemistry, so please don’t say yes these things and stay away as much as you can.

4. Proper sleep- A normal person’s s Duration of sleep is to 6-8 hours and it is mandatory for any adult to sleep at least 6 hours because our mind needs it. A study says that not taking sleep properly can lead us to depression because it’s an symptom of depression so, make sure you take proper sleep.

5. Don’t pressurize yourself- last but not the least is that whenever you find yourself in this type of situation you have to take your time and try to be free and relaxed because it is very important to feel confident and free and whenever you think anything try to think positive not negative because it can boost your mind and can heal your brain Chemistry.

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