Worst Advices We've Heard For What To Do When Phone Hangs

If your smartphone is hanging too often, then follow these methods

If you too are worried about your phone getting hung again and again, then you are definitely making some mistakes. Just keep these things in mind and see how your phone will work like butter.

what to do when phone hangs

Things you can do to remove the lags are:

You can do this from the phone settings menu, or you can do goto recovery to clear the data.
Install a launcher like Nova Launcher. (it is very fast)
Try disabling bloatware. (Bloatwares are apps that are pre-installed by OEMs.)
Now the steps below require root. (You can use Google to route your phone.)
Use Greeneck as Vinayak has said (I would suggest you to goto for the pro version).
Goto is this setting and enables all options.
Add all apps to the hibernation list and then hibernate all of them.
Create a hibernation shortcut in green and press it when you start feeling the gap.
Install only the apps you need.
After getting root, you can remove the installed bloatware and get some extra free space.
The exposed outline makes the green color even more powerful.
If you are below Android 5 (Lollipop) then this is a one click installation.
But above Android 5, the process becomes a bit arduous and requires custom recovery.
So, if you are comfortable with flashing and other stuff, then you should use Expedos in Android 5 and above.

Factory reset

Use the option of factory reset only when all methods have been adopted. This will remove all data coming from websites, apps and browsers that are not needed. Since it removes all applications, phone numbers, photos, songs, it should not be used normally. But if you are going to do this, then it is better to save everything first. You can transfer to SD card if you want.

Application transfer

If your phone has many applications, then it is better to delete the apps that you do not use. In addition, transfer apps to external memory. This will make room for internal memory. If you want, when installing the application, insert it directly into external memory. Go to Settings and go to Storage, choose the SD card option there. This feature is only for those who have both memory in their phone.

Save data to drive

With a phone, save all your important data on email, Google Drive, or the cloud. It will be safe forever and if the phone goes bad or something gets deleted then there is nothing to worry about. After saving to the cloud, delete that data from the phone so that the memory remains in place.


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